Class 5

School Vision



Millhouse Primary School is a…

“Safe, happy, inclusive learning environment which provides a foundation for lifelong learning. A family focussed school that celebrates achievement. A setting that provides powerful and exciting learning experiences; catering for the views and diverse needs of all our children and their families. A culture that encourages joy, respect and care for others, where high expectations and self motivation of all are seen as the roots of success. A tradition that is welcoming, creative, colourful and brave.”

To help ALL at Millhouse School reach their potential we expect:

  • Outstanding pupil attendance and behaviour
  • Self motivated children, who always aim high
  • Excellent parent/carer participation
  • A supportive and strategic Governing Body
  • Close partnership with the local and wider community
  • A continuation of our above average pupil progress
  • Staff who are committed to their own learning journey and the sharing of quality practice
  • A determination to be a centre for excellence, where quality teaching and leadership extends to professionals in other schools